4 Things To Look For In A Medical Billing Program

Looking for a career that is both rewarding and in-demand? If so, then you might consider pursuing a career in medical billing and coding. Not only is there a very high demand for medical billing professionals across the country, but the medical billing and coding industry is valued at 3.4 billion dollars and growing. In order to work in this field, you'll need some formal education--and no two programs are exactly alike. Read More 

Heading To College? Get A College Application Advisor!

College admissions are no joke. In order to be accepted into the school of your choice, the admission board usually makes you put up a fight with a rigorous application process. If you are a high school senior, you may find yourself asking your friends, parents, or classmates for help. Unfortunately, they may not know how to apply either! In order to ensure that you are checking all the right boxes, writing persuasive essays, and applying for the right colleges, maybe you should invest in the help of someone who actually knows what the university is looking for. Read More 

3 Tips For Learning English As An Adult

Learning English as a second language can be a difficult task. This is especially true for adults, who tend to struggle more than children when learning a second language. While it can be difficult for some adults to learn English as a second language, it's not impossible. English is one of the most common second languages spoken. In fact, somewhere between 1 and 1.5 billion people speak English as a second language. Read More 

Returning To College? 3 Things You Need To Know About Transferring Credits

Statistics show that a college graduate between the ages of 25 and 32 can expect to earn $17,500 more each year than their peers who have not completed a degree. If you started attending a college like Chatfield College but quit before you had the opportunity to graduate, you may be considering returning to school to finish your degree. Transferring your existing credits will help you reduce the number of classes you must take, which can reduce the time and money required to finish your degree. Read More 

3 Tips For Acing Aptitude Tests Involving Mathematics And Calculations When You Have ADHD

The inability to concentrate and focus is a problem that plagues over 4% of American adults over the age of 18. ADHD symptoms can prevent you from doing your best when taking aptitude tests involving mathematics and calculations. It's easy for the numbers and equations to get jumbled up within your head. The following 3 tips can help you keep ADHD symptoms under control, so you can finally show off your skills and understanding of the many concepts you are being tested on. Read More